Monday, August 31, 2009

In the beginning.....

I cannot say this is something I would have found myself blogging or writing about. This surely isn't or wasn't in my grand plan of life. But today, a transformed and changed woman, as someone who didn't know where life was taking her, as someone with a passion for writing and a new passion for the One who gave me the passion I am sharing with anyone reading the journey from desperate inmate to evangelizing lay minister as it were.

On January 29th, 2007 I was arrested for theft. I was a middle aged, white, professional with two children; one still living at home, one out on his own. I was, as we all are, underpaid, overworked and flat out tired. I made a spontaneous, life changing decision. On the outside, it looked devastating. On the inside, with the help of our Lord, it became the sole defining moment of my life.

This is that story and the story that continues.

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