Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Conferences are awesome.  You are put in a room full of generally like minded people, coming together to solve problems, network, gain information and exchange knowledge.  They serve so many wonderful purposes and I have the privilege of attending Prison Fellowship Ministry's Out4Life Conference in San Antonio, TX!

But unlike other conferences, this one has one up on most!  God is here!  He's here and He's working miracles!  And today I was able to witness a miracle right as it was happening!

Last night, this conference was televised on the local news.  That's a pretty common practice, right?  Large group of folks gather for an interesting topic like prison ministry and the news decided to take a moment, no doubt for a "feel good" piece to round out the daily reporting of more negative newsworthy items.  That's pretty awesome in itself.

But what is more awesome is how God works when His children gather and seekers seek Him.

Unknown to all of us at the conference, an ex-offender in the area, struggling and scared, was watching the news and came across the conference.  God raised up in him the courage to find his way (by foot) to the Double Tree Hotel in north San Antonio, walk in to a roomful of people, not knowing what he might find or how me might be received, and simply ask for help.

He has now been connected with over a dozen folks who are working with him on housing, employment, legal and other immediate needs issues and it happened within minutes.   Folks gathered around him to pray and then God's army of servants went to work to start finding him the support he needs to stay Out4Life!

If nothing else happens in this conference, and trust me, alot already has....witnessing our living, working, involved God in action in those moments made the whole trip worth while.

Tonight, when you lay your head down to sleep, pray for Daniel and the many men and women who seek God and are often rejected by the world, even the church!  Praise God that Daniel was loved, embraced and is going to be cared for in the way the church is called to operate!  And then thank God that He's there for you and your family and that you have a God that moves and acts and loves us so well!

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